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14.5 x 22ft. Vintage Silk Mahi Rug

$ 10,500.00
SKU: 975

Details: Amazingly soft, vintage Mahi  rug featuring a central medallion framed by a diamond, surrounded by rosettes framed by a vine scroll rhombus and arching saz leaves, typical of this type of carpet. Classic color triads include red, beige, camel brown and burnt sienna combined with soft green, grayish periwinkle blue and black accents, are typical of the Mahi. Depending on the light and angle of viewing, the rug shifts from spanish red to dark coppers accents and the field goes from beige to an almost pink hue. Also typical of the Mahi carpet is the use of the distinctive symmetric hand done Turkish knot, fine Kurk lamb's wool and silk, which increase the piece's value. Something that sets Mahi carpets apart from the rest is its particular weaving style, wherein special ties are used that ensure the strength of the rug for long-term wear. An immensely high quality Mahi includes in its foundation pure silk instead of cotton, which this one has, as well as having the pile (the density of the fibers used)comprised from a mixture of both wool and silk. Beautiful silk knotted fringe on either end. Valued at $35,000.

Dimensions: 14' 3"w x .25"d x 20' (w/o the fringe) or 171"w x 244"long- (100 lbs)

Condition: In beautiful condition. The rug has been professionally cleaned recently. Rug pad not included.

A Bit More Information About Origin: Between the long ridge of the Sahand Evnali mountains of Azerbaijan, lies the Quru Valley. Across that valley is the highly populated yet a charming city, credited to be the city with the most renowned and unique handcrafted carpets and has long been the major producer of the prominent rugs in this region. Because of the excellent quality, exceptional design and versatility their use, these carpets are very popular worldwide; among them, the most sought-after are those of a very particular, distinctive design called the "Mahi".

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