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18th Century European Hand Painted 3 Panel Screen

$ 2,000.00
SKU: 780

Details: 18th century dual sided hand painted 3 panel screen featuring courting and nature scenes on the tops and bottoms on one side and rose bouquets on the other. The screen is made up of painted canvas nailed on to a distressed wooden frame finished in a muted brick red (appears orange in photos). The bouquets on one side are reminiscent of rosmåling from Norway, however, the dress of the figures in the paintings indicate that the piece may be French. This piece was purchased for $5000 from a Beverly Hills estate and was a originally 5 panels total, which is why the areas on the ends are missing their hinges. The hinges that connect the panels are opposable so that it can be folded either way. 

Dimensions: 64.5"w x 1"d x 79.75"h (24 lbs)

Condition: The piece is patched in a few places (particularly on the rose bouquet side) and the bottom has been taped to secure the canvas in one place. In overall great condition, despite some wear, however, nonetheless beautiful!

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