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18th Century Neoclassical Kingwood Frisage Directoire Commode

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SKU: W61497

Details: Authentic Neoclassical Italian commode circa 1780, featuring a Kingwood frisage geometric or diamond pattern, which is where the worker in veneer often takes a flitch of veneer and matches it in some way to make a decorative pattern with repetitive matching of the wood's grain. In English these are called "book match" or "slip match" for example. The late 18th century is where  fantastic and rare examples of frisage are found. Directoire furniture and ornaments stressed elongated, simple shapes with clear lines; the Directoire style’s sparse detail and ornamentation were based mostly on ancient Roman objects recovered from excavations at Pompeii and was the last phase of the Louis XVI style. This extraordinary piece boasts a geometric design with tinted green half circles which add an extra element of interest. The two 4.5"h medium drawers on the top and two 7.75"h larger drawers below all have dovetail construction and cross banding on the borders as well as original brass hardware. The interiors of the drawers are very primitive, which is indicative of Italian designs from this time, as the artisans spent their efforts on the exteriors of a magnificent pieces, rather than the interiors. An added Neoclassical touch is the carved adornments on the corners and center of the front between the piece's tapered legs. A masterpiece in woodworking!

Dimensions: 48.5"w x 22.5"d x 40"h (80 lbs)

Condition: The "cupping" on the piece's surface is normal for a piece like this, the back boards are good, yet there is a superficial crack in the side(see photos). No key. There are a few very minor chips in the veneer, but barely noticeable, even to the discerning eye.

Note: King wood is considered to be the strongest and most dense of all the rosewoods.

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