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1940's McCoy Aunt Jemima Cookie Jar

$ 280.00

Details: 1940's McCoy Aunt Jemima Ceramic Cookie Jar. The inspiration for Aunt Jemima was Billy Kersands' American-style minstrelsy/vaudeville song "Old Aunt Jemima", written in 1875. The iconic Aunt Jemima character was prominent in minstrel shows in the late 19th century. McCoy is etched on the bottom of the piece.

Dimensions: 7.25"w x 7.25"d x 9.75"h (3.5 lbs)

Condition: In excellent condition- although the piece exhibits some crazing and there is slight wear on the black lettering of "Cookies". A small red mark on her shoulder and a tiny white mark on her head scarf. No chips or cracks.

Note: Anna Short Harrington, born in 1897 in Marlboro County, South Carolina, began her career as Aunt Jemima in 1935. She had to support her five children, and she moved with her family to Syracuse, New York, where she cooked for a living. Quaker Oats discovered her when she was cooking at a fair. An ad in Woman's Home Companion in November 1935 said, "Let ol Auntie sing in yo' kitchen." It was her picture with a bandana used on Quaker Oats products. Harrington continued to play the role for 14 years, and she made enough money to buy a large house and rent rooms. That house was demolished to make way for Interstate 81. Harrington died in 1955. According to John Troy McQueen, author of The Story of Aunt Jemima, "she really was famous for cooking pancakes."

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