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19th Century Algerian (Kabyle) Dagger with Sheath

$ 350.00

Details: Late 19th century Algerian (Kabyle) knife and scabbard. The hand carved wooden handle features brass wire line encrustation inlay wrapped in brass below the steel hilt, which has decoratively curved ends. The dagger has a 13.75" long, hand forged steel blade. The knife's sheath is carved wood wrapped with four brass bands, primitively decorated with tiny dot impressions, with one of the bands being personalized with the initials "M.B".

Dimensions: 20.5"l x .75"d x 3.25"w  (10.5 oz)

Condition: In overall great condition- There are a few pieces of the inlay missing and a chip in the bottom of the wood handle. There is a bit of rust on the blade and the hilt, which is a bit loose. One of the brass bands on the sheath is a bit wrinkled and it is difficult to determine whether a piece is missing or if the maker just carved a band with dots toward the tip of the knife-See detailed photos.

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