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19th Century English Oval Tole Tray on Stand

$ 975.00 $ 875.00

Details: Antique handled tole tray featuring an oval reserve with a hand painted scenic landscape amid ancient ruins and harbor in the background framed in an oxblood red, embellished by a delicate gilt grape motif border. The back of the tray is finished in a varnished black. The wooden stand for the tray, which is believed to have been handmade much later for the tray, has a quaint engraving that reads: "Made in the shop of Parker M. Edwards by O.A Mattiza".

Dimensions: Overall=29.75"w x 22"d x 20"h 

Condition: The tray has some wear and places where the paint is missing and the gold gilt has faded, yet adds to the pieces Old World charm. The stand has been glued and repaired and a piece of the edge is missing (see detailed photos).

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