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46pc Hand Painted Italian Pottery Dinnerware by Paci Torgiano

$ 1,000.00
SKU: 855

Details: Hand painted pottery set featuring a bird and floral motif on white background with green trim by Italian artist Paci Torgiano. The set includes:

  • 8 scalloped dinner plates (11.25" diameter x 1.5"h)- 20 lbs
  • 8 scalloped salad or soup dishes (9.75" diameter x 1 7/8"h)-14 lbs
  • 8 round pasta or soup bowls (7.25" diameter x 2.75"h)-9 lbs
  • 8 large latte/mocha cups with saucers (7 1/8" diameter x 5"w(cup) x 4"h)
  • 2 long oval Serving platters (22"l x 9.5"w x 2"h)- 8 lbs
  • 2 medium oval platters (14.5"l x 9.25"w x 2"h)- 2 lbs
  • 1 rectangular scalloped platter (15.5"l x 8.5"w x 1.5"h)-3lbs
  • 2 large pitchers (7.5"w x 6"d x 9.75"h)- 4lbs
  • 2 medium pitchers (7.5"w x 5.75"d x 8"h)-5lbs
  • 1 round pitcher (7.25"w x 5"d x 7.75"h)-2.5 lbs
  • 2 small pitchers (5.5"w x 4.25"d x 5"h)-2 lbs
  • 2 cruet pitchers (4.5"w x 3.5"d x 7.75"h)-1 lb
  • 1 large scalloped serving bowl (14.25" diameter x 4.25"h)-5 lbs

Condition: All in perfect condition except the rectangular platter has a superficial crack and a few blemishes and the dinner plates have very subtle knife marks. Purchased in Italy in 1996 for $2,350 plus $336 to ship to the USA.

Note: This set ships in 8 boxes of varying sizes.

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