8' x 11' Turkish Bijar Tree of Life Rug

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Details: Absolutely gorgeous, high quality wool, Turkish Bijar style rug featuring an unusual "Tree of Life" or “Bid Majnun” design on a rich cayenne, slightly persimmon colored background. The intricate, geometric floral, cypress and willow motif includes a color scheme of olive green, pomegranate, gold, hints of blue and blush with some off white or ivory detail. The darker accents on the piece are a varying mixture of black and dark forest greens. The rug has short white fringe on either end. Current production. Hand made in Turkey. One could design an entire room around this show stopper!

Dimensions: 96" x .5" x 136" 

Note: What sets Bijar rugs apart is their unique construction, the superior quality wool used, the variety and originality of designs and most importantly their amazing use of color! This often results in a rug with deeply saturated jewel tones as well as creative and captivating designs.  Bijar rugs are woven with a Turkish knot (sometimes called a "Gordies" knot) with one or two wefts inserted between each row of knots. After they have tied a row of knots, the weaver then inserts a weft. (Wefts are the threads of yarn that are inserted crosswise to secure the knots in place.) Look at close-up photos for true colors.

Condition: This rug has been professionally cleaned. The fringe is pristine. There are a few places that exhibit ever so slight wear that is barely apparent.

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