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19th Century Anglo Indian Sadeli Marquetry Card Case

$ 150.00

Details: Intricately handcrafted marquetry card case provides a unique way of carrying cards. Constructed from sandalwood and fine micro mosaics of bone and pewter. A definite conversation piece and a beautiful way to promote your business.

Dimensions: 4.25”H x 3.25”W x .25”D

History: Sadeli marquetry calling-card cases are made from sandalwood and embellished with a complex and intricate overlay of mixed natural materials. The art of micro mosaics, an ancient handcraft, were introduced into India from Shiraz in Persia (now Iran). Ivory, bone, silver, pewter, wood, and horn were cut into precise faceted rods. These rods were then arranged, bound and glued together to form geometric patterns. Once set, the multiple element bundles were sliced into transverse sections. This process would give the maker a variety of geometric panels, while maintaining the original pattern. Several variations of patterns could be achieved by combining the materials in different ways. The ivory, as in this case, was sometimes dyed green to give an additional, prominent, contrasting color.

Condition: Card case is in great condition, however, some pieces of marquetry are missing. (See Photos)

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