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Antique Chinese Wood & Metal Textile Print Cylinder

$ 898.00 $ 398.00

Details: Vintage Chinese textile print cylinder made from wood with decorative metal pieces that create the design on fabrics and metal teeth on the top and bottom of the cylinder that secure the piece while it rolled in the printmaking process. Similar to block printing, but with engraved rollers that could print up to six different colours at once – far faster than anything that had gone before. This piece is most likely from the Industrial Revolution (1760-1840) when cylinder or roller printing was developed, however, it has numbers carved on the bottom that indicate it may be from the 20th century from the style of the carving. This piece is wonderful on its own as an Object of Interest or can be made into a wonderful lamp!

Dimensions: 5.75" diameter x 23.5"h (13 lbs)

Condition: In excellent condition, yet it has some nicks consistent with age and the fact that it was used as machinery.

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