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Antique French Heraldry Coat of Arms Aubusson Tapestry with Rod- 6.5' x 7.5ft.

$ 5,800.00

Details: Early 19th Century (or earlier) French wool hand woven aubusson tapestry featuring a Heraldry Coat of Arms theme around a large tree surmounted by a crown above a paper scroll. The base of the tree is flanked by an ostrich ( a symbol of faith and contemplation) on the left and a lion ( a symbol of courage and valor) and female griffon on the right- a mythical creature that was thought to find and guard mines of gold and hidden treasure. The four outer crests have wreaths around them and depict male griffons and stripes surmounted by crowns. The central crest, also surmounted by a crown depicts lions, a griffon, stripes and a castle. The branch above the central coat of arms, illustrates two doves, which are symbols of the Holy Spirit and signify peace, gentleness and purity. The tapestry comes with a twisted iron 9ft mottled bronze and black rod with 10 rings, 3 brackets and two removable sphere shaped finials. Lined in a taupe silk. A stunning, rare piece that is sure to add interest to any room large enough to showcase it!

Dimensions: Tapestry = 92"w x .25"d x 80"h or 6 1/2 ft x 7 1/2 ft.

Condition: In beautiful condition with no evidence of damage on the front or back lining. The color of the tapestry in the pictures may be a bit brighter than in person, however, is a true depiction of the colors and appearance after a cleaning, which is not necessary unless desired. There is a bit of paint on the finials of the rod that can be removed.

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