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Antique French Leather Fire Bucket

$ 600.00

Details: Early French fire bucket that is exceptionally rich in character. Beautifully  hand painted with regal crest of the crowned lion and majestic unicorn. Original leather handle and lining. Hand stitched rim reflects fine craftsmanship of that era. Stunning addition to any home, evoking a feeling of nostalgia and historical preservation. A  great piece for storing kindling by the fireplace!

Dimensions:  8”Diameter x 14”H

History: The history of fire buckets is intertwined with the history of firefighting.  Leather buckets were traditionally used as fire extinguishers back in the 17th century and earlier. Prior to the great Fire in London, Leather fire buckets were of common use to pass from person to person in effort to put out fires. With the modernization and motorization of the fire brigade, this tradition gradually subsided.  Often, fire buckets are labelled with the owner's name or blazoned with patriotic motifs, such as an eagle in the United States, or the Royal cypher in Britain and Canada.

Condition: Fire Bucket is in good condition. Wear consistent with age.

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