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Antique Brass Rajput Mughal Mahratta Pata Sword Dagger

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Details: 17th Century Indian brass gauntlet sword dagger or "pata" featuring a figurative face with an open mouth that reveals the sharp dagger and a pierced detailed neck designed to protect the wrist. The interior  has a bar that allows the warrior to hold the pata in combat and makes it easy to display on a wall as art. Often referred to in its native Marathi as a dandpatta, it is commonly called a gauntlet-sword in English. "India" is carved inside on the edge and there is a metal loop on the top of the head, presumably for securing to one's combat attire. A wonderful conversation piece!

Dimensions: 5"w x 9.5"l x 3"h (2 lbs)

Note: Created during the Mughal period, the pata's use in warfare appears to be mostly restricted to the 17th century when the Marathas came into prominence. This weapon was considered to be a highly effective weapon for infantrymen against heavily armoured cavalry. Folklore has it that a Maratha soldier would use the dandpatta when encircled, so as to maximize the casualties on the opposition, before he fell. The founder of the Maratha Empire, Emperor Shivaji, was reputedly trained in the art of fighting with pata. 

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