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Antique Stone Buddha Head on Original Rustic Wood Base

$ 1,725.00

Details: Antique carved stone meditating Buddha head surmounted with an iron bar on the original, 10" square primitive wood base with an octagonal 2nd tier tapering up to the base of the sculpture's neck. This beautifully rendered, Buddha head is sensitively carved with serene features. The Buddha looks out from heavily lidded almond shaped eyes, under high arched brows. His full lips pursed in a small smile. Long ears, with pierced, pendulous earlobes frame his face. His hair with a distinctive patterning, rising to a high topknot covering his ushnisha. Exact age and origin unknown, however, believed to be early 18th or 19th century.

Dimensions: 10"w x 10"d x 17"h (80 lbs)

Condition: In gorgeous condition. The base is intentionally weathered and the sculpture itself has lovely patina in places throughout. The head is VERY heavy, yet sits securely on the base once positioned on the iron bar that holds it in place on the base.

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