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Authentic 19th Century Paul Garnier Paris Train Station Clock

$ 7,650.00

Details: Authentic 19th century Paul Garnier Paris train station clock made of steel featuring a glass protected, lacquered off-white face and large roman numerals. Jean-Paul Garnier, one of the most influential of Clockmakers of the time (1801-1869, Paris), was a 19th century French watchmaker and mechanic, whose name is synonymous with innovative and award-winning design. He was best known for building railway and train station clocks throughout France and Romania in the mid 1800s. Known as, Paul Garnier, he was the founding member of the Société de Horologers. His son continued to produce these clocks until 1917. Original train station is unknown. A wonderful conversation piece in a French, industrial or rustic atmosphere!

Dimensions: 14"w x 20.5"d x 20"h (Heavy!)

Condition: The piece keeps perfect time and is in wonderful condition. The clock has been adapted with a US standard plug (15 amp/125 volt). Due to the weight (approximately 85lbs) of the clock, it needs to be mounted with the appropriate screws (not included) into studs that will hold it securely to the wall.

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