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"Illuminata II" Acrylic Sculpture by Frederick Hart

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Details: The artistic journey started by Frederick Hart (1943-1999) in "The Illuminata Trilogy" is continued here with his "Illuminata II", which reveals the special light of the spirit residing in all of us. Like a window into the soul, it offers itself in transitory glimpses as the beautifully sculpted figures whisper into view, only to dissolve again into the light. It is a haunting and poetic visualization of the artist's belief that spiritual enlightenment does not occur in just a singular moment, but is a gradual, evolutionary, lifelong pilgrimage. This sculpture bears the engraved signature "Hart" on the front and "Copyright 1998 F. Hart 121/850, C.A.I" is etched on the side of the piece, which is made of clear acrylic resin. Certificate of Authenticity included.

Dimensions: 18"w x 4.5"d x 13"h (24 lbs)

A Bit About The ArtistFrederick Hart is widely known as a master sculptor and has been described as America’s greatest representational artist. Hart beyond his success in traditional sculpture pioneered the use of clear acrylic resin to create cast figurative sculptures. Not only did he create works of great beauty and gravitas, but he was also singularly responsible for restoring America’s public monuments and memorials through his master artisanal skills.

Condition: In perfect condition!

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