Jean Cocteau Rosenthal "TETES" Porcelain Vase

$ 1,050.00
SKU: 882

Details: Wonderful glazed porcelain "Tetes" (heads) vase was originally designed in 1952 by Jean Cocteau and was produced in the early 1970s by the Classic  Rosenthal Group Germany (green stamp on bottom). The freeform design of abstract facial motifs and ovoid irregular shape of the vase is what Cocteau was well known for. His multi media talents as a true artist included him being a poet, writer, painter, designer and filmmaker. An amazing ceramic vase, vessel, and or sculpture on its own or to showcase a colorful posy of flowers against its contrasting black and white design.

Dimensions: 5.5"w x 5"d x 8.25"h (1.5 lbs)

Condition: In perfect condition!


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