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Large Glazed Terracotta "Boisset" Garden Urn - Anduze, France

$ 1,110.00

Details: Still in production today, Boisset glazed ceramic urns (Anduze, France) have a wonderful, charming history. BOISSET pottery began its activity around the year 1610. At that time, it manufactured all kinds of utilitarian pottery, oil jars, olive jars, jugs, basins for spinning mills, common crockery for every day, as well as bricks and tiles, called "mahons". As legend has it, in the middle of the 18th century, a Cévennes potter went to the Beaucaire fair and was seduced by the elegance and opulence of the Florentine vases. Once back home, he was inspired to create a stockier, more rustic version of the vases, which he finished in earthy tones of green, yellow and brown and adorned with a garland, thus the BOISSET vase was born. Monumental in stature, it was used to plant orange and lemon trees which adorned the gardens of the nobles of the Court of Louis XIV. As time passed, from father to son, the Boissets follow one another for centuries. For four generations, pottery has been passed down from mother to daughter. Today, the Children of Boisset continue with talent, the work of their ancestors. This particular urn is inscribed "Les enfants de Boisset 2003".

Dimensions: 29"w x 29"d x 36"h (85lbs approximately)

Interior=23.75" diameter x 32.5"h Pedestal Base= 18"diameter

Condition: In excellent condition, however, there is a place where the glaze is missing on the body and a bit on the base. There are two small chips on the rim of the urn (see detailed photos). Both of the "flaws" mentioned, do not detract from the piece's beauty and in fact, add to it's rustic charm.

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