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Moroccan Wool Flat Weave Zanafi Tribal Rug-6 x 10ft.

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Details: Add a splash of color to your favorite wall or floor space with a hand spun from vegetable dyed wool on cotton, reversible (see photos of front and back) flat weave Moroccan carpet featuring a geometric nomadic design of the Zanafi Tribe. The jewel tones in this piece are comprised specifically of red, light and dark blue, burnt sienna, gold, orange, cream and lilac- making this a rug that can pick up any color scheme in a boho chic setting, a cabin or a coastal home!

Dimensions: 77"w x 1/8"d x 121"h or 6'5"w x 10"1"h (includes 3" white fringe)

Note: Each hand knotted symbol in the design has a meaning. Most often, rugs are handmade by women during inclement seasons when they are not able to go about freely. This is particularly true for tribes located in the Atlas mountains during winter months. Each spring when movement is again possible, tribes exchanged goods including rugs, through which the women were able to communicate with the other tribes women, telling them all the latest news and updates, such as marriages, births and deaths, among other happenings. These rugs not only function as a method of keeping tribal traditions alive, but also as diaries, journals and newsletters.

Condition: In perfect condition! Purchased in Morocco used in 2018 for $4000 and never used again. Rug pad recommended.

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