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Nigerian Bronze Benin Warrior King Sculpture

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Details: Charming medium size bronze sculpture of a Nigerian Benin Warrior King wielding a spear and wearing ceremonial armour, headdress and jewelry. Bronzes such as this were done by the Edo people of the Benin Kingdom to show the divinity of the king, or Oba. The materials used to make this sculpture-namely bronze- were thought to be endowed with sacred power, and the fact that the kingdom had the resources and technology to mold these materials into their desired shape, showed the power of the king over the Earth. This particular piece exhibits wonderful detail throughout and has a wonderful patina. He has wire strung around the arms so the piece can be hung on a wall, as it does not stand in a stable position on its own. Exact age unknown.

Dimensions: 4"w x 3.5"d x 13.5"h (7lbs)

Note: Although Benin Bronzes did not come to the attention of the West until a 19th Century Expedition by the British, the Benin Kingdom has been making Bronzes since as early as the 13th Century. The origin of casting in Benin is still highly debated, with some experts saying the technique was learned from the Ife Kingdom in the Northwest, while others saying it developed in Benin independent of outside influence.

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