Pair of Italian Wine Label Lithographs by Tono Zancanaro (1906-1985)

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Details: These pieces came about to be in 1967 in Venice when Charles De Gaulle and his wife were visiting the Biennale. A red Venegazzù is served at the Hotel Gritti and the President starts praising and inquiring the maker of the extraordinary Bordeaux. Piero Loredan (winemaker) then commissions the Paduan painter, Tono Zancanaro, to create two labels for special bottles of wine to be sent to the couple as a gift. These would make a wonderful wedding gift!

The works express the dual male and female soul of the grape (feminine) that becomes wine (masculine). While the gentleman (incarnation of Bacchus) offers a bunch of roses and was dedicated to Ms. Yvonne, “pour monsieur la bombe” is both tongue in cheek reference to what the lady (incarnation of Venus) is presenting, and a nod to French nuclear experiments, which was her husband's gift. Thus, the wine Capo di Stato or The Head of State was born.The male label continues to be used, with the female label reserved for very special occasions.

The lithographs done in white on a black background are signed: The woman's bottle reads "Bon Vin Italienne" and is signed Tono LXVII . The signature on the masculine piece is "Tono 1967". Floated on ivory colored linen and framed in wood frames with gold filigree on the corners and interior edge with glass.

Dimensions: Frames= 10"w x .5"d x 11.25"h (each) Art= 4.25"w x 5.25"h

Condition: In excellent condition. One frame is slightly chipped on inner edges that have been touched up and has a scratch. There are some spots from aging on the backs (see photos).

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