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MOONLIT SEASCAPE Oil on Canvas by R. De la Corbière(1893-1974)

$ 775.00

Details: Original oil on canvas painting depicting a serene moonscape over a seashore flanked by contrasting black, jagged rocks. The artist, Roger de la Corbière (1893-1974) used a beautiful, cool color palette of blues and purples for the sky and water, highlighted with textured brush strokes that create the moon's reflective light on the water and bring the painting to life. Framed in a distressed, burnished gold beveled frame with red, orange and brown highlights and matted in an antique white washed wood. Signed R. de la Corbiére on the lower left.

Dimensions: Frame= 29.5"w x 2"d x 25.75"h Art=22"w x 18"h (6.5 lbs)

Condition: There is some vertical crazing on the canvas and a small, shallow puncture in the lower right portion of the painting near the rocks (see detailed photos). No dust jacket on the back and a few minor nicks on the frame.

About The Artist: Roger de la Corbière, a French a landscape painter, was born in Vouneuil-sur-Vienne on July 22, 1893 and died in Paris on September 3, 1974. A watercolorist at the beginning of his career, he later became a painter of seascapes; devoting most of his work to celebrate the delicacy of the moonlights and the sunsets on the Brittany coast in an oil medium. Most of his personal work has become rare. The artist remains highly regarded and is currently very present on the art market- especially in American galleries and public sales.

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