8" Vintage Fratelli Toso Murano Glass Millefiori Cylinder Vase

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Details: Vintage Murano art glass freeform cylinder vase featuring a bleeding millefiore ("thousands of flowers") abstract design. The inside of the vessel is opaque and smooth, while the outside has a ribbed texture. Made in Italy- date unknown. 

Dimensions: 4.25"w x 4"d x 8"h (2 lb)

Note: Fratelli Toso’s most relevant contribution to Murano’s glass making history is their beautiful murrine (or millefiori). As ancient as this technique may be, many people are actually very familiar with it and would definitely recognize it when shopping through glass stores in Venice. Millefiori starts with creation of a Millefiori cane, which is formed from an assortment of colorful glass canes that have been fused together, thus forming shapes and patterns in the inside. Once the fused canes have cooled down, they are sliced into small pieces, resulting in tiny circular flat beads, known as “murrine”. These murrine can be assembled and integrated into innumerable creations such as brooches, earrings, watches, frames and vases; all treated with different fusion techniques. The Toso were so skilled in the production of murrine millefiori during the 19th century that they were called “murrinari”. Their collections of millefiori pieces are quite extensive. 

Condition: In excellent condition- no chips or cracks.

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