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18th Century Ebonized Wen-Chang Statue on Iron Stand

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Details: Antique ebonized wood statue of Wen-Chang Wang, the Taoist God of Literature and Culture. A statue of this size indicates it could have once been commissioned for a Chinese temple and was likely hand-carved in the 1700’s, however, it quite possibly could predate the 18th century. Wen-Chang wears a headdress and is clad in an ankle-length robe, revealing a dragon on his chest which is an auspicious symbol of wisdom and power. In Wen-Chang's left hand is a scroll. He has a circular "plug" in the back of the head that can be used as a secret compartment. Wen-Chang, also known as Imperial Lord Zitong, is celebrated on the 3rd day of the 2nd Chinese lunar month and has many shrines and temples dedicated to him throughout China. In this incarnation, he is the heavenly supervisor of academic success and promotion, which lead many to seek his assistance.  Our wooden statue of Wen-Chang Wang looks fabulous in any contemporary interior, accented with other  ancient artifacts - it is an especially appropriate piece for a study or library.

Dimensions: 16.5"w x 16"d x 40"h (70lbs-including base)

Condition: The statue’s natural wood shows through the ebonized finish in places and there are some cracks and chips (predominantly on the right hand). A portion of the back is excavated, indicating that the statue may have been part of a larger installation. The square iron stand has been added more recently and has a peg on one side that holds the statue securely upright. There are a few minor marks on the base (see detailed photos). 

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