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Antique Carved Black Forest Letter Opener

$ 150.00 $ 85.00

Details:  Letter openers were originally referred to as paper knifes.  Holding with Black Forest tradition, this letter opener is embellished with ivy leaves and a bird in the nest which evokes a feeling of the outdoors and nature. Exquisitely crafted Black Forest "paper knife" is a compliment to any desktop and makes a wonderful gift!

Dimensions: 11”h x 2.5”w x 1.25”d

History: Black Forest Carvings dating back to the 1800’s were originally defined by images of forest animals, forest trees, leaves, and branches. These carvings were first made in the town of Brienz in Switzerland.  Europeans bought black forest carvings as a symbol of wealth and luxury, which is why these pieces are found in royal collections across the continent. In recent years, they have become more accessible through dealers and specialty auctions across the world.

Condition: Letter opener is in great condition. Some minor chips (see photos).

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