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Guangxu Period Lacquered Elmwood Scroll Painting Table Bench-circa 1875-1908

$ 6,500.00 $ 2,500.00

Details: Guanxu period, recessed-leg, elmwood (jumu) painting table or Huaan, featuring a red/orange lacquered finish with fine gold gilt edges. These pieces were used as working tables for artists and scholars to paint scrolls and write calligraphy. As a rule, the tables did not have drawers and one would sit next to it to paint. The Huaan imitates the structure of a low kamg'an table that was used for serving tea and food. When colleagues came for tea and artistic conversations, the scholar would display objects of merit for further discussion. The scholar's room was considered the second most important room in a Mandarin-class home. Certificate of Description and Evaluation from Orientations in Monterey, California included (valued at $8500 in 2017).The wonderful history of this piece, in addition to the color, make it a wonderful way to add color and interest to a room, as a coffee table or as a bench!

Dimensions: 85"w x 27.25"d x 19"h

Condition: In beautiful condition. There are some minor scratches on the top surface and superficial cracks in places that do not compromise the structural integrity of the piece (see detailed photos). 

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