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Ancient Tarahumara Sinew Wrapped Olla

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Details: Antique olla featuring the typical unglazed, hand coiled pottery with sinew wrapping, formed by the Tarahumara Indian tribe. The Tarahumara Indians live in the remote regions of the Sierra Madre Mountains in the Mexican state of Chihuahua. They are northern Mexico’s largest indigenous Indian tribe, and are a nomadic people who typically live in several different dwellings during the year, including caves.  Their Native American style pottery is utilitarian and often primitive and represents a craft that Native potters have made for centuries. Made by the pinch and coil method, which is created by hand coiling clay in the shape of the vessel, then polished with a smooth stone. Originally ollas were used for cooking stews or soups or used for the storage of water and dry foods. This piece would make a nice addition for any collector!

Dimensions: 13" diameter x 11.5"h

Condition: In good condition. Wear consistent with age with a small chip on the base (see photos).

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