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"The Night Heron"- Original Acrylic on Canvas by Josh Goldberg (58"sq)

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Details: Contemporary Abstract acrylic on canvas titled "The Night Heron" by American Artist, Josh Goldberg. Inspired by a Japanese haiku by Matsuo Basho (1644-1694). Like many of the artist's other works, he was sitting in front of the completed painting, contemplating it, when suddenly, he remembered Basho's haiku:

inazuma ya
yami no kata yuku
goi no koe

flash of lightning!  
screech of the night heron
pierces the darkness
(artist's translation)

The painting is an iconic image "standing" much like a heron in the dark waters  of night. Quiet, unmoving. He wanted to capture that complete stillness in this work.


Dimensions: 58"w x 1.5"d x 58.25"h 

Note: Literature, especially poetry (The artist has written three books, available on Amazon, which provide insight into his approach to creativity), usually finds its way into the titles of Josh Goldberg's paintings, and perhaps even subconsciously into the content. The artist sees little difference between painting and poetry and his methods are almost the same.

Condition: In perfect condition. Signed and titled on the back.

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