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39" Large Copper Moorish Ottoman Tray-Circa 1940's

$ 2,450.00

Details: Oversized copper plated brass Islamic ottoman tray featuring a scalloped, hammered relief edge- Circa 1940-1950. The center showcases an engraved flying horse or Pegasus inside a circular frame made up of geometric patterns, while the perimeter of the tray has alternating engraved motifs of the Cypress or Trees of Life, symbolizing abundance and Mosques, symbolizing peace, unity and spirituality. A fabulous piece to hang on a wall or to use as a table top surmounting a large, low pot.

Dimensions: 38.75"w x 2"d x 38.75"h (21.5lbs)

Condition: In excellent condition. The beautiful luster shows that the piece has been well taken care of and polished frequently. There is a scratch along the center and some superficial scratches in places. Some minor dark spots or pitting in places that are consistent with age (see detailed photos). The piece comes with an adjustable strap that hooks on to the edge of the tray for easy hanging!

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